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Mubarak Bala

Wife of detained Nigerian humanist pleads for 'proof of life' (July 2020) UPDATE

Fears for Nigerian humanist held for blasphemy in sharia state (May 2020)

A prominent Nigerian humanist accused of blasphemy has been arrested and taken to the northern city of Kano, according to figures close to him. Mubarak Bala, the president of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, was taken from his home on 28 April in neighbouring Kaduna state and taken to Kano, where a warrant for his arrest was issued, Leo Igwe, a fellow Nigerian humanist and human rights advocate, said. More + 


Iranian Christians

Bushehr Christians face prison, exile, work restrictions and fines (June 2020) UPDATE

Family group among eight Iranian Christians arrested in morning raids (July 2019)

Iranian converts to Christianity, including five from one family, were arrested at their homes in a coordinated operation carried out by Ministry of Intelligence agents on 1 July 2019.  More +

 Fatemeh (Mary) Mohammadi 

Christian convert Fatemeh Mohammadi arrested in Tehran (Jan 2020)

Christian convert Fatemeh Mohammadi has been arrested in Tehran and taken to an unknown location, according to the Persian-language news agency HRANA. The 21-year-old, who after her conversion now prefers to be known as Mary, was reportedly arrested on Sunday near Azadi Square, where protests were taking place following the Iranian government’s admission of guilt in the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane. More + 


Fatemeh Bakhteri

Christian woman who refused to renounce faith starts prison sentence at notorious Iranian jail (Sept 2019)

A Christian woman started a prison sentence in Iran on 31 August for “propaganda” against the government after earlier refusing pressure from judges to renounce her faith. Fatemeh Bakhteri was told she would serve one year in prison in September 2018 after her Christian activities led to her being convicted. More +


Lleah Sharibu

As Nigeria votes, family and churches urge candidates to remember Christian teen Leah Sharibu (Feb 2019)

Leah Sharibu, 15, was taken when the Boko Haram abducted 110 girls during a raid on a school in Dapchi in Yobe state on 19 February 2018.Following a deal between the government and the militants, Boko Haram released 104 girls, with the last five thought to have died in captivity. The group has kept Leah, a Christian, because she refused to renounce her faith. More +


Ali Mahwood Awad Irsan

Muslim immigrant sentenced over ‘Honor Killing’ of Christian who married his converted daughter (Aug 2018)

HOUSTON, Texas — Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, who immigrated to America from Jordan, has been sentenced to death by a jury after engaging in two honor killings in allegedly being enraged that his daughter had shamed the family by converting to Christianity and marrying a Christian. More +



Woman on trial for blasphemy in Indonesia after her complaints about noisy mosque sparked riots  (Aug 2018)

Indonesian prosecutors have demanded an 18-month prison term for a woman who was charged with blasphemy after she complained about the volume of a mosque’s loudspeakers. The ethnic Chinese defendant, Meiliana, 44, was arrested on May 18, about two years after her case triggered a riot in Tanjung Balai, a port town in North Sumatra province. Prosecutors said the defendant had violated Indonesia’s criminal code by committing blasphemy against Islam, the dominant faith in Indonesia. More +


Simput Dafup and Nabila Umar Sanda

Nigerian Pastor Receives Death Threats after Muslim Woman's Conversion to Christianity  (June 2018)

Nigerian Pastor Jeremiah Datim who played a central role in the conversion of a young Muslim woman to Christianity has denounced the response of the country’s security services, from which he alleges he has received death threats. The first response of the Nigerian Department of State Security Services (DSS), in January, had been to arrest the woman, 19-year-old Nabila Umar Sanda, and her friend, Simput Dafup, 33, who had introduced her to the pastor, Jeremiah Datim. Datim said the pair were released after ten days, but only after they had been tortured. He said the young woman was then returned to her parents – who had reported her conversion to police – and kept under surveillance. After two months she escaped and went into hiding. More +


Iranian Christians

(l-r: Saheb Fadaie, Youcef Nadarkhani, Yasser Mossayebzadeh and Mohammad Reza Omidi)

Four Iranian Christians set to begin ten-year prison sentences (June 2018)

The four Iranian Christians who saw their ten-year prison sentences upheld by an appeal court earlier this month are expecting to have to report to prison any day now. More +


Aideen Strandsson

Christian convert faces death sentence deportation from Sweden to Iran (June 2017)

UPDATE (Mar 2018)

An Iranian actress who left Islam for Christianity has twice been denied asylum in Sweden and could be sent back to Iran where the penalty for conversion includes death. Aideen Strandsson told CBN News she secretly converted to Christianity while still living in Iran.
"I read the Bible and I understood what Jesus said about peace, about love, about kindness, and in my heart I became a Christian when I was in Iran," she said in an interview with CBN's Dale Hurd. More +


Afghan woman funeral

Christian refugee converts in Germany face violent attacks (May 2017)

Recently, an Afghan woman who converted to Christianity was murdered. More and more refugees in Germany are being targeted for turning away from Islam. Are these only isolated cases? More +


 Ahok Purnama

Jakarta governor Ahok found guilty of blasphemy (May 2017)

An Indonesian court has found Jakarta's outgoing Christian governor guilty of blasphemy against Islam. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, was sentenced to two years in prison on Tuesday in a south Jakarta courtroom over comments he made regarding what he believed to be the misinterpretation of certain verses of the Quran.
As hundreds of protesters gathered outside calling for the maximum penalty to be given, Dwiarso Budi Santiarto, the presiding judge, told the court that Purnama was "convincingly guilty of committing blasphemy". More +


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Stephanie: Life Beyond Faith (Dec 2016) 

Ex-Muslim Stephanie Shares Her Story
A Canadian woman who converted to Islam in her late-teens, Stephanie married a Libyan Muslim man, and gave birth to two daughters. After a few years of living as a faithful Muslim, Stephanie began to have doubts. Recognizing the immorality and irrationality of Islam, Stephanie grew detached from the faith and concerned about her children being raised in such a context.
In 2011, Stephanie left their residence in Libya for a short trip to see her father in Canada. When safely out of Libya en route to an airport in a neighboring country, her husband unveiled his plan for her: he would never allow her to even visit her daughters again unless she gave up her Canadian custody of the kids. More +


Christians arrested in Iran

Iran: Families fear for latest 5 Christians arrested (Aug 2016)

UPDATE (18 Oct 2016) Two of the five Iranian Christians arrested during a trip to the Alborz Mountains north-east of Tehran in August have been released on bail, though three are still being detained.
Mohammad Dehnavi, Hadi Asgari, Amin Afshar Naderi, Ramil Bet-Tamraz and Amir Dashti went together with their wives to Firuzkuh north of Tehran to go fishing and have a picnic. At about 1.30pm security officials from the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) raided the picnic and separated the men from the women. Amin Nader Afshar asked to see the arrest warrant, which the officials did not produce, and Amin was then beaten. More +


Omar Mohammed Bataweel

Young man in Yemen abducted and murdered for atheist 'apostasy' (Apr 2016)

Omar Mohammad Bataweel, a young man from Aden in Yemen, has been abducted and murdered, possibly for apostasy, after he wrote posts on social media that appeared to criticise extremism in Islam. He was shot dead after he wrote some posts that seemed critical of Islam on Facebook.  More +


Additional Cases:

Islamists Hack Another Secular Writer to Death in Bangladesh (May 2015)

Kabul Mob Attack: Women help bury 'wrongly accused' Farkhunda (March 2015)

Minya Misdemeanor Court considers Mohamed Hiajazi "Bishoy" (Nov 2014)

ISIS Publicly Executes Leading Lawyer and Human Rights Activist in Iraq (Sept 2014)

Woman in Yemen Burned to Death for Her Faith (Aug 2014)

Raif Badawi: A Thousand Lashes and 10 Years in Prison for Online Saudi Arabian Activist (May 2014)

Release Sawan Masih and Repeal Blasphemy Laws (March 2014)

Behnam Irani, a 41-year-old pastor from Karaj, Iran, Forced to Serve Five Years (Sept 2013)

Court Convicts Christian Teacher for Blasphemy (June 2013)

Journalist Hiding in Germany (June 2013)

Syrian Teenager Mohammad Qataa Executed by Islamists for Blasphemy (June 2013)

Christian Widow in Somalia Killed Four Months after Husband Slain (April 2013)

Jailed Saudi Blogger Hamza Kashgari Is Freed (Oct 2013)

Nadarkhani Free, but Iran’s Jails Hold Many More Christians (Sept 2012)

Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Jailed in Iran for Three Years Is Freed (Sept 2012)

Muslim Extremists in Uganda Throw Acid on Bishop (Dec 2011)

Convert Jamaa Ait Bakrim Serving 15 Years for His Faith in Istanbul (Sept 2010)

Nagla Al-Imam - Inspirational Courage of Christian Lawyers (2009-2010)


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