Purpose & Vision

Set My People Free is a network of individuals, churches and organizations working for the freedom of converts from Islam to live and practice their new faith, to experience equality and justice in their home countries. 

We seek to give the Muslim people the freedom to change their faith, to live out and practice their new belief, and to experience freedom, justice and equality in their homeland as non-Muslims.

Set My People Free is a nonviolent movement seeking freedom, justice and equality for converts reconciliation – not victory, and is committed to the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.


FREEDOM for Muslim people:

  • To change their religion or belief
  • To worship and practice their new faith
  • To raise their children in their new faith
  • To marry (for women from a Muslim background to marry non-Muslim men)
  • To have freedom, justice and equality

ABOLISH the crime of Apostasy by removal of:

  • Punishment of death for the act of apostasy
  • Punishment of confiscation of the wealth of the convert
  • Nullifying his or her marriage
  • Punishment of disqualifying him/her of the right of the custody of his/her children
  • Punishment of depriving the apostate from his/her right of their inheritance
  • Punishment of discipline (alta'zir)

Means to Achieve our Goals

Raising awareness of the state of converts through media:

  • Brochures
  • Articles in the press (write articles for newspapers; make cases of persecuted converts known, cases of injustice)
  • Internet (blogs,videos)
  • TV (interviews on Christian and secular stations)
  • Protests

Advocacy for converts:

  • Law – need lawyers
  • Existing laws – work to change them
  • Help converts in difficulty and under persecution

Lobbying politically:

  • Lobbying for the freedom for Muslim converts. We need Christian/secular politicians to lobby and to help converts under persecution to live and practice their new faith freely.


  • Our Christian theology urges us to deal with injustice in society and to support our Christian brothers and sisters coming from a Muslim background who are facing persecution.
  • Expose the Islamic ideology which prevents conversion and freedom of religion and promotes inequality.

Prayer and support for converts:

  • Start prayer cells, share prayer requests and information about the persecuted converts with others.

Partnering with others:

  • Set My People Free is a member of the Religious Liberty Partnership and works together with individuals and organisations of diverse religions and beliefs who are committed to the freedom to choose and change religion or belief and freedom of expression.


For more information, please contact us.