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Events 2012-2015

3 October 2015
Rinkeby - Stockholm, Sweden

Manifestation in Rinkeby

Video | News article


11 July 2015
Stockholm, Sweden

Manifestation in Stockholm, Sweden

See article (in Swedish).


24 February 2015
Geneva, Switzerland

The 7th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

Kamal Fahmi's report | Videos | Photos


23 May 2014
Sudanese Embassy, Cairo

Protest for the Release of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim

Letter to the Sudanese Ambassador


13 June 2013

Standing Together for Human Rights in Iran



6 March 2013
Palais Des Nations, Geneva

Who Will Stand Up for Religious Freedom?
Respecting Religious Freedom: Legally Safeguarding a Threatened Right

Jubilee Campaign - Parallel Event at the 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Press release | Event Summary


7 November 2012
Stockholm, Sweden

Manifestation Remembering the Victims of Apostasy and Blasphemy Laws in Islam 

Read more of Kamal's speech. The day ended by a church service hosted by St:a Klara Church with the emphasis on Religious freedom. Keynote speakers were Fuad Rasho, Thomas Schirrmacher, Annahita Parsan and Stefan Attefall led by Wilgot Fritzon. The service ended by a time of prayer led by Nils LIdskog.