New Book of Christian Martyrs

The New Book of Christian Martyrs

– Johnnie Moore and Jerry Pattengale

An inspiring keepsake that honors the heroic sacrifice of today’s martyrs for the Christian faith—and shows how their actions mirror the courage of a long line of brave Christians. In the twenty-first century, we are witnessing an escalation in Christian persecution like we have rarely seen since the first century. Many people don’t realize that today thousands of Christians are dying cruel deaths throughout much of the world. There were, in fact, more martyrs in the last century than in all the previous Christian centuries combined. Millions have given their lives since the fall of Rome, and today tens of thousands die annually for their faith in Jesus. Most of these modern stories are not legendary; in fact, many are unknown.  More+


Imprisoned with ISIS - Faith in the Face of Evil

– Petr Jasek

It was supposed to be a four-day visit - it turned into a 445-day imprisonment. And if God had not intervened, he would have been there for the rest of his life. In December 2015, Petr Jasek traveled to Khartoum, Sudan, to evaluate how The Voice of the Martyrs—a ministry he had served with since 2002—could help and encourage persecuted Sudanese Christians. Pleased with his meetings with local pastors and other Christians, Petr checked in for his flight home to the Czech Republic. But before he could board the plane, he was summoned for questioning by Sudanese security agents. They wanted to know more about his activities in the country—activities that, if disclosed, could endanger the Christians with whom he had met.  More+ 




One Woman’s Dramatic Triumph Over Persecution, Gender Abuse, and a Death Sentence

–  Mariam Ibraheem

Mariam Ibraheem was born in a refugee camp in Sudan. Her Muslim father died when she was six, and her mother raised her in the Christian faith. After a traumatic childhood, Mariam became a successful businessperson, married the man she loved, and had a beautiful baby boy. But one day in 2013, her world was shattered when Sudan authorities insisted she was Muslim because of her father’s background. She had broken the law by marrying a Christian man, and she must abandon both her marriage and her son and adopt Islam. Under intense pressure, Mariam repeatedly refused. Ultimately, a Sharia court sentenced her to 100 lashes—and death by hanging.  More+ 


The Blasphemer: The Price I Paid for Rejecting Islam

– Waleed Al-Husseini

Like many of his generation, Waleed Al-Husseini began a blog in his twenties. However, unlike many, Waleed also had the misfortune of having been a blogger in Palestine; worse yet, he often criticized Islam and its adherents—and declared himself an apostate—in his writings. The Palestinian Authority did not take well to this and eventually put Waleed in jail without a trial or even a wisp of legal justification. As if this was not bad enough, they placed Waleed in solitary confinement. This state of affairs continued for 11 months. Over the course of this time, Waleed was tortured and suffered innumerable indignities and deprivations simply for having the audacity to speak his mind.  More+



The OIC, the UN, and Counter-Terrorism Law-Making
Conflicting or Cooperative Legal Orders?

– Katja LH Samuel

The increasingly transnational nature of terrorist activities compels the international community to strengthen the legal framework in which counter-terrorism activities should occur at every level, including that of intergovernmental organizations. This unique, timely, and carefully researched monograph examines one such important yet generally under-researched and poorly understood intergovernmental organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ('OIC', formerly the Organization of the Islamic Conference). In particular, it analyses in depth its institutional counter-terrorism law-making practice, and the relationship between resultant OIC law and comparable UN norms in furtherance of UN Global Counter-Terrorism Stategy goals.  More+   



The Qur’an and Its Biblical Reflexes: Investigations into the Genesis of a Religion

– Mark Durie

This path-breaking book sets aside the traditional story of the life of Muhammad, and inquires into the internal history of the Qur’an itself. Drawing on fresh insights from linguistics and theology, Durie puts forward a new and very different explanation for the “Mecca-Medina” division, attributing it to a theological crisis which arose in the Qur’anic community. Through careful investigation of theologically charged topics such as prophecy, Satan, sin, the oneness of God, covenant, warfare, divine presence, and holiness, Durie questions whether the Qur’an and Bible really do share a deeper connection. He invites the reader to set aside the frames through which the Qur’an has been viewed in the past, whether Biblical or Islamic, and invites us to attend to the Qur’an’s distinctive and unique theological vision, in its own terms.  More+


The Debasement of Human Rights - How Politics Sabotage the Ideal of Freedom

– Aaron Rhodes

The idea of human rights began as a call for individual freedom from tyranny, yet today it is exploited to rationalize oppression and promote collectivism. How did this happen? Aaron Rhodes, recognized as “one of the leading human rights activists in the world” by the University of Chicago, reveals how an emancipatory ideal became so debased.  More+ 


"Let there be no Compulsion in Religion" (Sura 2:256)

Apostasy from Islam as Judged by Contemporary Islamic Theologians: Discourses on Apostasy, Religious Freedom, and Human Rights

– Christine Schirrmacher

In Christine Schirrmacher's postdoctoral thesis, for the first time one finds reviews of original voices coming from Islamic theology on the topic of religious freedom and apostasy. Arabic, English, French, and Urdu texts have been translated and analyzed and thus made accessible.  More+ 


On the Side of the Angels

– Joseph D'Souza and Benedict Rogers

On the Side of the Angels argues that human rights and justice need to be reclaimed by Christians, and that human rights work should be seen as central to Kingdom mission, not just regarded as a secondary activity and labeled "political."

The book draws on the authors' first-hand experience of places of persecution and oppression, including Burma, East Timor, and Indian, along with their work of advocacy in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, United Nations, and other forums.  More+

Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians

– Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert, Nina Shea

Many Americans do not understand that Christians today are victims in many parts of the world. Even many Western Christians, who worship and pray without fear of violent repercussions, are unaware that so many followers of Christ live under governments and among people who are often openly hostile to their faith. They think martyrdom became a rarity long ago.

Persecuted soundly refutes these assumptions. This book offers a glimpse at the modern-day life of Christians worldwide, recounting the ongoing attacks that rarely make international headlines.  More+



The Third Choice

– Mark Durie

The Third Choice provides a compelling introduction to Islam on the basis of its primary sources, the Qur'an and the life of Muhammad. Topics covered include the sharia; interpretation of the Qur'an; abrogation; women's rights (including female genital mutilation); lawful deception (taqiyya); Muhammad's responses to opposition; Islamic antisemitism; religious freedom; and prospects for reforming Islam.  More+


Which God?  Jesus, Holy Spirit, God in Christianity & Islam

– Mark Durie

Do we worship the same God? Today many are asking this question. In Which God? Durie demonstrates that Christians have good reasons to challenge the Islamic position that Allah of the Quran is the same as the God of the Bible. 

Which God? compares the God of the Bible with Allah of the Quran and shows that these are different in many respects. They have such different personalities and distinct capacities that they cannot be said to be the same. More than this, the Islamic Jesus (Isa) is different in fundamental respects from Jesus of the Gospels.  More+


Liberty to the Captives

– Mark Durie

Liberty to the Captives is a resource for equipping the church to respond to the challenge of Islam. Mark Durie presents unique resources for ministering freedom from the yoke of Islam, both for those who have lived as non-Muslims under Islamic dominance, as well as those who have come to Christ out of a Muslim background. (Book and/or DVD)  More+


Silenced: How Apostasy & Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide

– Paul Marshall and Nina Shea

Silenced provides the first survey of such accusations in the contemporary Muslim world, in international organizations and in the West. The authors describe hundreds of victims, including political dissidents, religious reformers, journalists, writers, artists, moviemakers, and religious minorities throughout the Muslim world.

Download a PDF copy of the book Silenced (in Arabic) at no charge, or purchase (in English) on Amazon.


Sister Religions? - What You Should Know About Islam

Sister Religions? features groundbreaking interviews with Rev. Dr. Mark Durie, Elizabeth Kendal and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester.

As a battle of ideologies rages across the Middle East, many people are asking the questions: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam Sister Religions? (DVD)  More+ 


Identity Crisis - Religious Registration in the Middle East

– Jonathan Andrews

Andrews reveals the ways that religious registration not only brings difficulties of inequality, racism and intolerance to Christians and to Muslims who choose to follow Christ, but also how it feeds prejudices within Islam (Sunni vs. Shia). It prohibits the existence of former muslims legally in their home countries. It impacts marriage, inheritance, raising children as non-muslims and burial. Under this system former muslims cannot live or be buried as non-muslims.

A host of considerations is proposed so that current injustices and discriminations created by this system can be addressed to promote societies where all citizens have equal civil rights. More+